It’s not a Revolution or taking back the night. An uprising is a reversal of power, turning the pyramid over, changing who gets to be on top. When the honeymoon wears off, the same dogma and pressures to comply remain. What’s left is dejection and a hopeless state of inaction. Blame, regret and a mingling of guilt.

What we need is a Renegade Revival.

A total shift in consciousness. A renewal of our soul’s longing to feel connected, enlivened, sensual and like what we do, matters. We remove the idea of one power and forge ahead cultivating rich relationships and small webs that span together across the globe.

We do this through expanding in four main areas:


The physicality of  practice, the sensuality of movement and the philosophy of our soul.  Yoga is the way in which we move our bodies to find fluidity, harvest strength and inspire poise.  It is also a resting place, a comfortable refuge of knowing. You are encouraged to feel what you find, go deeper, and breathe.  To rest in the symphony of your breath and soften into the harmony of your sensations, is where transformation awaits. We learn that the more we surrender, the sweeter it becomes.


Good nutrition is more than the food we put into our bodies – it is the way we sweat, how deeply we love, the clean air we breath and the consciousness of our actions. It encompasses all that nourishes us on an emotional, cellular and spiritual level. Pure sunshine, clean water, fresh air, positive and loving relationships, community and a sense of purpose all vitally affect our well-being.

Refuse to diet or follow any specific regime. Rules tend to be broken and anything 100% is begging for rebellion. Naked food is grown without pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and GMOs.  It is natural when possible and complete. Shed guilt, calorie counting, scales and shame. Aim to eat more of what nature intended and have fun. Food should be used as a tool to live our greatest life, it need not consume our life.


Travel is a way to experience the world borderless and free. More than fancy hotels and all you can eat buffets, it is the kind of involvement that melts your flesh into the surrounding earth. The stuff that reminds you that ‘here’ and ‘there’ is a fallacy, some made-up, poorly told story.  We begin to see the act of moving through country lines as a necessary and authentic way to learn about history, culture and people.  We trust that it is worth our investment and that it is in fact, imperative to living a life filled with more peace and understanding for all.


Everything we engage in on a daily basis, from the clothes we wear, the products we use on our bodies and what we consume and play with – all make statements about what we value. The ‘little’ things we do from moment to moment, on a consistent basis, form a reflection of what we are about. The little things matter, pay attention to the small stuff.


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